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Active bioinspired systems

We are investigating the assembly of active soft compartments to mimic cell-like structures. Project funded by Agence National de la Recherche (ANR).

Soft matter systems in microgravity

Study of the effect of microgravity conditions on lipid vesicles and colloidal systems. Collaboration with Prof. Thomas Voigtmann and Prof. Ivo Buttinoni. Project funded by DLR.

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Collective dynamics

Collaboration with Prof. I. Pagonabarraga, Dr. Demian Levis and Prof. L. Isa on the collective behavior of active mixtures.


Active dynamics and self-assembly

Collaboration with Prof. H. Lowën.
Investigation of motile and self-healing systems

Responsive bioinspired materials


Development of adaptive artificial microswimmers using responsive material with Prof. Lucio Isa

  • Design and fabrication of active liposomes toward cell-like active systems

  • 2D motion of colloidal rockets (Prof. Lucio Isa).

  • Encapsulation of Active Colloidal particles with microfluidics. (Collab with Prof. Jean Christophe Baret and Prof. Hamid Kellay)

  • Optimization of smart navigation of enzymatic particles through chemical gradients using microfluidics (Collab with Prof. Jean Christophe Baret).

  • Fundamental study of materials impact on dynamics of active colloids actuated with AC electric fields (Collabwith Assit. Prof. Alex Baron)

  • Synthesis and active motion of topological assymetric spheres (Collab with Dr. Minghan Hu)

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