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Latest News

February 2024

We are launching our lipid vesicles into microgravity! NyMex is a project in collaboration with Prof. Ivo Buttinoni, Prof. Thomas Voigtmann and Prof. Jens Hauslager. NyMex will be launched in the Mapheus 14 Campaign, organized by DLR (GE).


November 2023

The project Appollo has been founded by the ANR-DFG PRCI, in collaboration with Dr. Jean-Paul Chapel (CRPP) and Prof. Ivo Buttinoni.

July 2023

In the context of the ITN Evo-Drops, Laura was invited to give a talk at the last meeting in Bordeaux.

May 2023

Laura will give a talk on the ACS Colloids 2023 at North Caroline State University on cell-mimetic active systems. Do not miss it if you are around!

April 2023

Vivien has won the poster prize in the Workshop Interchall (Rome) with her work on Active Vesicles. Congrats again for her great work and amazing poster display!

January 2023

We welcome Vivien Willems to the group as a Ph.D. student! We are so happy to have her back on a very exciting project!

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-19 at 13.20.17.jpeg

November 2022

Vivien Willems has successfully defended her Master's thesis in collaboration with the Soft and Living Materials group at ETH Zürich. Vivien worked on the fabrication and dynamical characterization of active Janus vesicles. Congrats Vivien!

November 2022

Laura will attend a Gordon Research Conference on Colloidal, Macromolecular, and Polyelectrolyte Solutions in Ventura (CA). She will act as a discussion leader in one of the sessions at the prior Gordon Research Seminar! Congrats!

October 2022

Recently accepted paper in collab with our colleagues Prof. Ivo Buttinoni, L.Caprini, F.Schwarzendahl, and Hartmut Lowen. Can Janus colloids optically be 'symmetric'? By matching the refractive index of their materials, they exhibit similar dynamics to spheres in an optical trap. What if they are active? Check the article for more info.

June 2023

The project MYMESIS has been founded by the Agence National de Recherche, in the context of an ANR JCJC. The group will open a postdoc position soon!


June 2023

The project MEMSPACE has been founded by the DLR, in the context of an International collaboration with  Prof. Ivo Buttinoni and Prof. Thomas Voigtmann.

September 2022

Laura and Vivien are attending the Active Assemblies Minisimposioum (Leipzig)
Laura is presenting as an invited speaker her work on responsive active colloids, and Vivien will present her first poster on Active Giant Vesicles!

September 2022

Recently accepted paper in collab with  Dr. Kailie Xie, Prof. Hamid Kellay We show how droplets with Janus particles inside become less deformable due to the effective tension coming from the colloids' activity

April 2022

Laura will give a talk on Wednesday at 15:30 at the Physics of Life Summer School in Edinburgh

April 2022

January 2022

December 2021

We welcome Vivien Willems to our group! She will work on soft active systems during her Master thesis, in collaboration with the group of Prof. Eric Drufesne in ETH Zurich.

Laura got Tenure Track at the University of Bordeaux and Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CNRS).

Recent accepted paper by our collegue Dr. Minghan Hu in which we actuated his multifunctional supracapsules with magnetic fields. Congrats Minghan!

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